Daddy Tips: 15 Minute Eye Care Routines

Being a busy dad, you definitely do not have the time to prep up but here are a few eye saving tips you should know and impart to your kids as very important lessons that can save them from tears later.

The eye is one of the essential features of a person’s body. It’s vital to take care of your eyes and the skin surrounding them. Any changes or external stresses can cause damage to your eyes and eventually blindness. Here are a few tips you can follow to take care of your eyesight and avoid future eyesight problems. You only need fifteen minutes of your day to ensure your eyes remain healthy. Follow the following tips to help you with eye routines.

1. Wearing Protective Eyewear 

It’s important to always put on protective eyewear regardless of where you are. By wearing protective eyewear, you avoid any risk of injury in the case of an accident. Eyewear made from polycarbonate is the best as its toughness grants you protection from particles.

2. Avoid Messing With Your Eyes

Always touching your eyes and scratching them unnecessarily leaves them vulnerable to infection. Make sure to always clean your hands before you make contact with your eyes. Avoid vigorously rubbing your eyes. The best way to remove an object from your eyes is through the use of the saline solution. Make sure you use a saline solution that has not expired to avoid infection.

3. Use Home Remedies For Your Eyes

If you have dark circles beneath your eyes, puffy eyes or sunken eyes, there is a list of ways in which you can cure them at home. 

Home Remedies for dark circles:

  • Use cold black tea bags over your eyes.
  • Apply chilled cotton balls to your eyes for ten minutes 
  • Place two slices of cucumber over your eyes 

Home Remedies for Sunken eyes 

  • Apply a mixture of almond oil and honey to the bottom of your eyelids and leave it on overnight 
  • Apply raw potato slices to your under eyelids and leave them on overnight 

Home remedies for puffy eyes 

  • Place ice cubes made of cucumber and basil tea over your eyelids 
  • Place cold tea bags over your eyelids

4. For Computer Users

If you are a computer user and you continuously stretch your eyes out by always being on the screen. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your eyesight and take care of your eyes if you are a frequent computer user. Try this computer friendly eyewear to keep your eyes healthy and to stay on trend.


Make sure the lighting around your area is appropriate. Your computer brightness should not be higher than that of the lighting in the area. Also, ensure you sit the furthest away from the window as possible.

 Use Appropriate Eye Care

While working on the computer, wear proper eyewear designed for Computer Users. This helps maintain your eyesight and takes care of your eyes.

Blink as often as you can 

Blink as much as you can, this helps keep your eyes moist and avoids dry eye syndrome.

Use The 20-20-20 Rules

To reduce the chances of straining your eyes, take a break at each 20minute interval to stare at something that flies 20feet away for at least 20 seconds. This helps keep you focused and replenished.

5. For Contact Lens Users

Contact lenses are costly to get and tough to maintain. If you do not adequately take care of your contact lenses, you risk an eye infection affecting your eyes. Below are a few tips for eye care when you wear contact lenses.

Always Wash your Hands 

Always make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before attempting any contact with your eyes. After washing your hands with clear water and soap, you can blow dry them or pat them dry with a lint-free towel. This is to ensure you don’t transfer germs or bacteria onto your Lense.

Follow instructions 

Use your contact lenses according to the instructions given to you. Do not sleep with your glasses on. Follow every guideline to ensure the appropriate use of the lenses. Always clean your Lense with up to date solution. Change lenses frequently.

Appropriate storage 

Make sure to use the solution provided for the storage of your contact lenses. Do not rinse your glasses with tap water or use saliva with them. Any form of bacteria that comes in contact with your Lense can infect your eyes.

Avoid smoking 

Smoking leaves you vulnerable to eye problems. If you wear lenses, it’s best to quit smoking as it is severely detrimental to your eyesight.

It is of utmost importance to take care of your eyes. Eyes are very sensitive and vulnerable to infections. Take care of your eyes and regularly check for black circles, puffy eyes or any intrusions in your eye you may follow the instructions given above for eye care routine and help you know how to take care of contact lenses.

Always make sure you touch our eyes with clean hands and avoid vigorously scratching your eyes. Also included are tips for computer users and how to ensure regular computer user does not affect your eyesight. It is important to remember than any problem you have in your eye, including particles entering your eye or infections, may lead to blindness. It is imperative to avoid blindness at all costs and to adhere to the necessary precautions when taking care of your eyes.

For contact lens users, avoid smoking as it causes damage to your lenses. Smoking is also known to cause problems, so it is of the utmost benefit to quit smoking as it is detrimental to your health. Make sure you change your lenses frequently and do not clean them with an expired solution. Avoid wearing cosmetic eye lenses.

Take care of your eyes as they are critical to you and do not put them in any harm’s way. Follow instructions and perform these easy tips to ensure your eyes and the skin surrounding them is healthy. Lastly, make sure you dedicate at least fifteen minutes of your day for your eyes, properly wash your hands with soap and dry them appropriately as stated in this article before contact with your eyes. Take care of your eyes.

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