Hiring a plumber for your home

Many times you may have experienced issues when your plumber has not fixed a plumbing problem correctly or made the problem even worse. And this happens usually because you don’t do due diligence before you hiring a plumber for the plumbing issue.

So it is very important to ask the right questions before hiring the plumber. Here we have suggested 10 questions to ask before hiring a plumber, as these can ensure that you are hiring the right person for the job.

Importance of asking the right questions

It is very important to assess their potential contractors’ strengths and suitability to accomplish the job perfectly. If you are wondering how to choose the right plumber check out 10 Tips to choose the right plumbers. If the plumber can answer these questions easily, then you can be confident in its abilities to successfully provide you with a satisfactory job.

  1. Are you Licensed? 

Being license proves that the plumber is professional and can complete the plumbing task efficiently.  Also licensed plumbers are usually up to date with building codes and knowledgeable about current building practices.

  1. Are you Insured? 

Insurance protects you in case any mistakes or accidents occur. A plumber with proper workers’ compensation insurance can be hire for the plumbing job.

  1. Are your Service Contractors Independently Licensed? 

Even if the plumbing contractor is insure and license and has great credentials, still doesn’t mean the person performing your job is licensed or even experience. So, before hiring, it is always good to ask if the contractor himself will do the job or will hire someone else to do the job. If he is hiring someone else, make sure that he has the sufficient experience and professionalism you want for your plumbing project.

  1. What are your credentials and references? 

A good plumber will surely have enough experience to take on certain plumbing tasks reputably. So, always check at least 3-4 references personally before hiring the plumber.

We also recommend asking for credentials also. Having proper credentials confirms work commitment and acknowledges efficient professional practices as well. Memberships with plumber unions and local contractors can also showcase commitment levels.

  1. Do you Offer 24 Emergency services? 

We highly recommend choosing a plumber who offers 24-hour services and emergency work. So look for a local reputable emergency plumber for any plumbing problems.

  1. What are your Service Fees? 

A service fee is accrue when a plumber visits your home to assess the plumbing issue. It is often non-negotiable. So it is always better to ask what the plumber will charge as a service fee. It will safeguard you from certain hidden costs and fees, which you were not expecting.

  1. What is your response time? 

Response time in case of a plumbing emergency is very crucial, as plumbing leaks would not wait for any plumber. So always choose a plumber who is on call 24 hours and one who shows up immediately.

  1. What do you charge for travel time? 

Many time plumbers even charge for the travel time. It can become an expensive affair if the plumber is located far away from your place. So hiring a local plumber is always in your best interest. It also ensures that the plumber is knowledgeable about local codes and is very well familiar with local building inspectors.

  1. What do you Charge for Parts? 

Although most of the plumbers are fully stocke with the plumbing parts they may need to fix the issue, but ask how much will he charge if have to visit a local shop for any additional parts’ requirement.

  1. What are your Specialties? 

Before hiring try to find out what a plumber does best and this will ensure that the plumbing job will be do right. So try to find out what the plumbers specialize in and ensure that you get the best plumber to suit your specific plumbing job.

Make sure that you have the right attitude while asking these questions to the plumber and it does not sound like an interrogation. Too many bossy questions with an untrusting attitude can cause uneasiness to the plumber.

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