10 BEST Location TOURIST in Goa

Goa is worth visiting with many tourist sites. You can find almost anything in the tiny Indian nation from Goa beaches to national parks and hills, temples, strongholds, markets, and backwaters. Indeed, if you have no list to guide you, there are so many options that it can be difficult to see them all during one visit. Here is therefore a list of places to see in Goa that you definitely need to include in your tour planning.

Many tourist attractions in Goa are well-known temples, UNESCO World Heritage sites, beautiful churches, fascinating local markets, and ancient Portuguese buildings. There are also the top beaches, water sports and a variety of natural sights you don’t want to miss.


South Goa’s Agonda Beach is a must-visit beach. This is a secluded stretch of sand lined with palm groves, 39,2 kilometers from Margao. It’s a very remote, quiet, picturesque beach with just a few visitors. In the north, there is a turtle core and in the south, there are rocky outcrops. The tourist infrastructure has been built! Many stores, cafés, beach shacks, bars, restaurants, yoga, and massages are available. They are also available. But here you’ll get a less “touristic feeling.”


Fort Aguada is a Portuguese fort in North Goa, dating back to the 17th century. The mountain range is situated on the confluence of the Mandovi River and the Arab Sea. The Portuguese built the fort to protect the Maratha’s and the Netherlands. There are a profound dry tomb and a lighthouse that was built in 1864, 13 meters high. There are still many buildings in very good shape in the fort.

Aguada has a stunning view of the coast, the Arab Sea, the Mandovi, and even the town of Panaji, across the river.


Fort Chapora is in North Goa, near the beach of Vagator. The Arabian Sea meets here with the Chapora River. Chapora Fort is a must-visit for people who like Bollywood Hindi films. Here was filmed the popular Bollywood film “Dil Chahta Hai.” The fort is now virtually abandone but still provides unbelievable views of the river and the coast. Take a photo – here are many opportunities for photography!

4. Dropping FOR THIRD ST

Take note of the wrath of Nature, one of the largest and most powerful cascades in India. The MDR52 is 47 kilometers from Margao, in Dudhsagar Falls. It is situate at the boundary between Tourist Goa and Karnataka. When there is a lot of water, Dudhsagar Falls looks more spectacular in the mountain.

It falls on a steep face of the mountain for about 1017 feet. You can see the falls from and to Margao by train or walk to the base of the falls. The Bhagwan Mahaveer Shrine and the Mollem National Park are to be trekke through. Many points of view are on the lane.


Baga beach is one of the best-known beaches in Tourist Goa, North Goa. The north is the Baga River. Also popular in the south is Calangute Beach. One of the longest sandy shores of Goa, the Baga-Calangute portion. There are a variety of beach shacks, bars, restaurants, stores, nightclubs, and water sports, including banana riding, speedboat, paragliding, and surfboarding. Britto’s a well-known shack on the north end of the beach. The two popular Goa nightclubs in Baga are Tito’s club and Mambo’s cafe.


The Anjuna Flea Market is a landmark in Goa, which started in the 1960s with hippies. The beach is situate on the south side of the beach. On Wednesdays, the Anjuna Flea market is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Over 500 stalls are sold for handicrafts, handcrafted jewelry and Tibetan goods, bags, objects of the Tribus, and much more. Food stalls, jazz, and rock bands are available.


It is one of Goa’s biggest tourist attractions and a memorial to Catholics all over the world. UNESCO World Heritage is the Basilica of Bom Jesus.

The Baroque church was built in 1605. In 1622, the body of the Saint was brought here and has been set in a glass mausoleum since that time. In the Basilica there is also a Contemporary Art Museum.


In Vagator, North Goa is a Thalassa restaurant. The best Mediterranean and Greek food in Goa is serve. Nice setting and fantastic Arabian Sea views! The night’s good music. Some of the highlights are the meat platter, the mocktails, baklava, moussaka, saganaki mushroom, chocolate cake, and the cheesecake. Meat and calamari are also legendary, like creams. See the sunset with a drink if you’re in north Goa. Maybe until dinner, you want to sit.

9. Sector Mapusa

The Mapusa Market is situate10,3 kilometers from North Goa’s Anjuna Beach. This is one of the best, most vibrant, and fascinating Goa markets open on Fridays. People come to the towns and suburbs to sell their goods. The choice of flavors includes fish, meat and vegetables, fresh herbs, fruits, flowers, nuts, home-made chouriço, pickles, clothing, coir mats, joys, and even wines, marinated pork sausages, pickles. The shops are classified by the product form sold.


This beautiful church in Goa’s capital, Panaji, near the Mandovi Bridge is also known as the “Immaculate Church of the Conception.” In 1541 it was formerly a church. Only in 1619 came the bigger church house. Since that time there have been many changes and upgrades, but the original building remains.

For a long time, devotees came here. Old Portuguese mariners prayed for a successful ride. You came back to say thank you after the flight. On December 8, every year, there is a feast attend by numerous local residents and visitors.

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